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John Wesley Seminary

Courses of Study

Resident Program

Three year program:
  • Bachelor in Theology
The Bachelor Program is offered to those who wish to become local pastors or lay leaders.

Four year program:
  • Theology Degree
The Theology Degree is available to those who wish to become itinerant pastors, or who wish to continue with masters or doctoral degrees.

Extension Program

The extension program offers students the oportunity to study at the seminary without attending regular classes. The faculty will assist the students in choosing the subjects that are available.

We have a brochure which explains the extention requirements and subjects. Please ask the seminary office for this brochure.


  • Supervised Ministry
  • Chapel Services
  • Devotionals
  • Fasting, Communion
  • Devotional and recreational activities
  • Trips


Juan A. Quintanilla
Isaac Garza 346 Ote. Centro
Monterrey, Nuevo León 64000